Stereogum Presents...OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer


1. Doveman - "Airbag" [Doveman's notes]
2. Slaraffenland - "Paranoid Android" [Slaraffenland notes]
3. Mobius Band - "Subterranean Homesick Alien" [Mobius Band's notes]
4. Vampire Weekend - "Exit Music (For a Film)" [Vampire Weekend's notes]
5. David Bazan's Black Cloud - "Let Down" [David Bazan's notes]
6. John Vanderslice - "Karma Police" [John Vanderslice's notes]
7. Samson Dalonoga feat. The Found Sound Orchestra - "Fitter Happier" [Samson Dalonoga's notes]
8. Cold War Kids - "Electioneering" [Cold War Kids' notes]
9. The Twilight Sad - "Climbing Up the Walls" [The Twilight Sad's notes]
10. Marissa Nadler feat. Black Hole Infinity - "No Surprises" [Marissa Nadler's notes]
11. My Brightest Diamond - "Lucky" [My Brightest Diamond's notes]
12. Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble - "The Tourist" [Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble's notes]
13. B-Side: Northern State - "No Surprises" [Northern State's notes]
B-Side: Chris Walla - "Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)" [Chris Walla's notes

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